1. Brisbane Bands Of The Early 80s
    Various Artists

  2. Pussycat / Feelings Gone [Single]
    The Girlies

  3. Hope You'll Be There [Single]
    The Kents

  4. Petty Hate Scene [EP]

  5. Wrestle, Wrestle [Single]
    Who's Gerald?

  6. Refugee [EP]
    Freaky Lou

  7. Shocker
    The Pineapples From The Dawn Of Time

  8. Pockets Of Resistance
    Escape From Toytown

  9. Manic Celeste

  10. Post No Bills
    Post No Bills

  11. Breads Factory
    The Swamplords

  12. Grassroots Street Orchestra
    Grassroots Street Orchestra

  13. You Ruined My Revolution
    The Teapot Dome Scandal

  14. Triple Forte

  15. Monaco Street Crime Syndicate [EP]
    Dr. Octopus

  16. Drawing A Cat With The Aid Of Two Coins [EP]

  17. Ironing Music [EP]
    Ironing Music

  18. Undeniable Bliss
    Frank's Fishbowl

  19. Demos & Rarities 1985-88
    Thanks For The Fish

  20. Too Long [Single]
    Toy Watches

  21. Pauses & Progressions [EP]
    The Cool Calm Collective

  22. Wages Of Sin
    My Three Sons

  23. The Lowdown / Scrimmage [Single]

  24. How To Confuse The Media

  25. The House On Soul Hill [Single]
    The Escorts

  26. 21 Dub Street [EP]
    21 Dub Street

  27. Collapse Into Autumn
    I Am Vertical

  28. Tweedle-E-Dee [Single]
    The Avengers

  29. Listen Listen [Single]
    The Avengers

  30. Common Thing [EP]
    The Girlies

  31. Stacked It On The Dancefloor [EP]

  32. I Foreign I
    Alien Virus

  33. Junior Fiction

  34. The Teapot Dome Scandal [EP]
    The Teapot Dome Scandal

  35. Taxi Live!

  36. The Children Of The Privileged West
    Acid World

  37. Truth Serum [EP]
    Truth Serum

  38. Mass Cuts
    The Muskats

  39. Exhumed
    The Skeletones

  40. The Daze Of Epileptic Elegance [EP]
    Marco Sanchez Brain Instrusion

  41. Live At The Press Club
    Kafka Afro-Cuban Explosion

  42. Sold [EP]
    Vicious Kites

  43. Teenage Tiger: 1985-1989

  44. Sunshine And Scenery

  45. Beginnings [EP]

  46. Symbiosis

  47. Blind Lemon
    Blind Lemon

  48. Rare / Unreleased
    Post No Bills

  49. The Grand Royale [EP]

  50. Star Sludge
    Star Sludge

  51. Disgust / Intrigue + Nux Vomica
    Nux Vomica

  52. Better Music Through Mathematics [EP]

  53. The Lowdown [EP]
    The Lowdown

  54. Barrels Of Abyss [EP]
    The Swamplords

  55. Dead At Amyl's Nightspace
    The Skeletones

  56. Kafka

  57. The Best Of...

  58. Serpent Fire

  59. Things [EP]

  60. The Trouble EP
    The Serenity

  61. Live At The Metronome
    Thanks For The Fish

  62. The Catacomb Suits [EP]
    This Collision

  63. Too Many Days [EP]

  64. Too Green For Summer
    Too Green For Summer

  65. Veronica [Single]

  66. Felon [Single]
    The Girlies

  67. Drinkers' Lament
    Blind Lemon

  68. Mermaids of Tahiti
    The Swamplords

  69. Bit O' Juice
    Blind Lemon

  70. Is It Strange / J'ai Toujours Faim [Single]
    Thanks For The Fish

  71. Elevator Music [EP]
    The Teapot Dome Scandal

  72. Exhumed: Live At The ABC
    The Skeletones

  73. Ali Baba
    Ali Baba

  74. Love Songs For Robots [EP]

  75. Squeezin The Lemon
    Blind Lemon

  76. Happy Little Criminal [Single]
    The Teapot Dome Scandal

  77. Selected Works [2007-09]
    Drṓwryh Creesp

  78. The Best of The Cover Ops
    The Cover Ops

  79. Morbal Trusk
    Morbal Trusk

  80. Eat A Big Poo
    Go Fuck Yourself! !!!


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