1. Darling It's Wonderful
    Ups And Downs

  2. The Basement Studio Session
    Players Please Twist

  3. The Unreleased Demos: 1989
    Purple Avengers

  4. Brisbane Bands Of The Early 80s
    Various Artists

  5. Wrestle, Wrestle [Single]
    Who's Gerald?

  6. Hope You'll Be There [Single]
    The Kents

  7. Melodyssey [EP]

  8. Pussycat / Feelings Gone [Single]
    The Girlies

  9. Refugee [EP]
    Freaky Lou

  10. Petty Hate Scene [EP]

  11. Shocker
    The Pineapples From The Dawn Of Time

  12. Live at Roots, Rap, Reggae Festival [EP]
    Grassroots Street Orchestra

  13. Manic Celeste

  14. The Beginning: The Demo Collection

  15. Babylon Hot
    The Dynamic Thrills

  16. Post No Bills
    Post No Bills

  17. Pockets Of Resistance
    Escape From Toytown

  18. Volume 1
    Neighbourhood Groove Collective

  19. Mad Dave [Single]
    Fugitive Microbes

  20. Inna Rubba Dub Manor
    Hot Rubber Glove meets Mad Professor

  21. Triple Forte

  22. You Ruined My Revolution
    The Teapot Dome Scandal

  23. Ironing Music [EP]
    Ironing Music

  24. Monaco Street Crime Syndicate [EP]
    Dr. Octopus

  25. Breads Factory
    The Swamplords

  26. Grassroots Street Orchestra
    Grassroots Street Orchestra

  27. Pits For Premiers
    The Pits

  28. Drawing A Cat With The Aid Of Two Coins [EP]

  29. Undeniable Bliss
    Frank's Fishbowl

  30. Dynamic Dub [EP]
    The Dynamic Thrills

  31. Demos & Rarities 1985-88
    Thanks For The Fish

  32. Too Long [Single]
    Toy Watches

  33. Pauses & Progressions [EP]
    The Cool Calm Collective

  34. Wages Of Sin
    My Three Sons

  35. The Lowdown / Scrimmage [Single]

  36. How To Confuse The Media

  37. The House On Soul Hill [Single]
    The Escorts

  38. 21 Dub Street [EP]
    21 Dub Street

  39. Collapse Into Autumn
    I Am Vertical

  40. Tweedle-E-Dee [Single]
    The Avengers

  41. Listen Listen [Single]
    The Avengers

  42. Common Thing [EP]
    The Girlies

  43. Stacked It On The Dancefloor [EP]

  44. I Foreign I
    Alien Virus

  45. Brunswick Street 3.31am [Single]
    Jimmy Styles & The Easy Company

  46. Pig City [Single]
    The Parameters

  47. Base To Rudie [EP]
    The Dynamic Thrills

  48. Junior Fiction

  49. The Teapot Dome Scandal [EP]
    The Teapot Dome Scandal

  50. Taxi Live!

  51. The Children Of The Privileged West
    Acid World

  52. Truth Serum [EP]
    Truth Serum

  53. Mass Cuts
    The Muskats

  54. Exhumed
    The Skeletones

  55. Live At The Press Club
    Kafka Afro-Cuban Explosion

  56. Sold [EP]
    Vicious Kites

  57. Z Seka Neurosis

  58. Teenage Tiger: 1985-1989

  59. Constellations / Fourth World War [Single]
    Grassroots Street Orchestra

  60. Volume 2: Pieces
    Neighbourhood Groove Collective

  61. Sunshine And Scenery

  62. Beginnings [EP]

  63. Symbiosis

  64. The Daze Of Epileptic Elegance [EP]
    Marco Sanchez Brain Instrusion

  65. Blind Lemon
    Blind Lemon

  66. Rare / Unreleased
    Post No Bills

  67. The Grand Royale [EP]

  68. Star Sludge
    Star Sludge

  69. Disgust / Intrigue + Nux Vomica
    Nux Vomica

  70. Better Music Through Mathematics [EP]

  71. Barrels Of Abyss [EP]
    The Swamplords

  72. Dead At Amyl's Nightspace
    The Skeletones

  73. Kafka

  74. The Best Of...

  75. Serpent Fire

  76. Things [EP]

  77. The Trouble EP
    The Serenity

  78. Live At The Metronome
    Thanks For The Fish

  79. The Catacomb Suits [EP]
    This Collision

  80. Too Many Days [EP]

  81. Too Green For Summer
    Too Green For Summer

  82. Veronica [Single]

  83. Felon [Single]
    The Girlies

  84. Drinkers' Lament
    Blind Lemon

  85. Mermaids of Tahiti
    The Swamplords

  86. Bit O' Juice
    Blind Lemon

  87. Is It Strange / J'ai Toujours Faim [Single]
    Thanks For The Fish

  88. Elevator Music [EP]
    The Teapot Dome Scandal

  89. Exhumed: Live At The ABC
    The Skeletones

  90. Ali Baba
    Ali Baba

  91. Love Songs For Robots [EP]

  92. Squeezin The Lemon
    Blind Lemon

  93. Happy Little Criminal [Single]
    The Teapot Dome Scandal

  94. Selected Works [2007-09]
    Drṓwryh Creesp

  95. The Best of The Cover Ops
    The Cover Ops

  96. Morbal Trusk
    Morbal Trusk

  97. Eat A Big Poo
    Go Fuck Yourself! !!!


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